Three Days and Brownies for Breakfast

I am worn out.  My exhaustion warranted having the last brownie for breakfast. 

I needed it. 

Really…I did. 

Coffee just isn’t cutting it this morning.

Sunday turned out to be not such a great day for Punkie.  Her shots did more of a number on her than I originally though they would.  By four o’clock that afternoon she was running a fever of 102 and by midnight it was almost 103.  It was a looooong night.

Yesterday she and I stayed home.  Her fever came down to 101 and hung there for the majority of the day.  She slept more than she did when she was a newborn, wouldn’t eat a thing and barely drank a drop.  She was so down and out that she wouldn’t even walk anywhere.  She only had the energy to crawl.

It was a looooog day of rocking, soothing, shushing and coaxing fluids down her.

I decided to keep her home again today even though the fever is lower.  Our daycare provider, Carol, has several other little ones and certainly didn’t need Miss Monkey’s drama nor the possiblity that it could be more than just her shots. 

Her poor little eyes just aren’t perky and full of life.

She’s still fussy, clingy and cranky, but she did play for a bit this morning which was a nice change, even throwing me a smile here and there. 

I FINALLY got her to drink more than just a sip or two.

 And…she’s decided she has the energy to actually walk today.  She even mustered the appetite to eat half of a waffle this morning.  Thank goodness!

I’m hoping to get a few things done around the house today that didn’t get done over the weekend.  I might even throw a nap in there somewhere.  I could use one!

Peace, love and high temps.


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