Smart Boys and Where Jesus Lives

About 4 months ago Tucker spent a Sunday morning with his Mimi (Grady’s mom).  They were going on the local 4-H church tour.  This means that every year all the 4-H members attend a host church in our community which helps them to broaden their horizons and understanding of different religious denominations.  It’s really a great program.

On this particular year the host church was the local Catholic church.  I was raised Catholic, but became a Presbyterian when Grady and I got married.  We have lots of crosses in our church, but no crucifixes.  We talk about how Jesus died on the cross for us, but I’m not certain that he had ever seen that image.  As we all know, with small children SEEING is believing.  So you can imagine his surprise when he walked into that beautiful church and saw Jesus hanging there.  He was rather confused.

We’ve discussed the crucifix several times since then, but he’s a kiddo that never stops thinking.

Monday morning we were headed to town for the morning routine when we had this conversation…

Tuck: Mommy, do you remember that place where Jesus lives?

Me: The place where Jesus lives?  No, Buddy, I guess not.  What place?

Tuck: Yes you do mom!  That place where he’s on that big cross?!?!

Me: Ooohhhh.  You mean the church where Mimi took you?

Tuck: Yeah.  THAT’S where Jesus lives.

Me:  Why do you think that’s where he lives?

Tuck: Duh, Mom.  Cuz, he’s on that cross in there, that’s why.  That’s where he lives!

Me: Tuck, Jesus lives in all our churches and in our homes and in our hearts.

Tuck: Huh, he does?

Me: Well, yes.

Tuck: Well, how did he get on that cross?

Me: Some really mean people put him up there.

Tuck: How did they get him to stay there?

Me: They nailed his hands and his feet to the cross.

Tuck: Owwww… Why would they do that?

Me: Well, because they didn’t believe what he said.  They didn’t believe that he was God’s son.  They were really, really mean.

Tuck: Well, how did he die up there?

Me: He was up there so long that he probably starved to death and they beat him very badly.

Tuck: (now this is where it gets interesting) No, Mom, your wrong.

Me: I am?

Tuck: Yeah, Mom.  He didn’t die up there, he died in a war!

Me: No, Tucker, he didn’t die in a war, he died on the cross.

Tuck: No, Mom, he DIDN’T.  He died in a war!

By this point in time I’m starting to get a little irritated.  It had already been a frustrating morning as I was trying to recuperate from the stomach bug over the weekend and Ella had just spend 10 minutes throwing a rather large tantrum on my kitchen floor as I was trying to get everyone out the door and on the road.  My nerves were a little on the short side.

Me: Tucker Michael, who’s the mommy in this car and who’s the boy in this car?

Tuck: You’re the Mommy.

Me: So, who do you think is smarter, Tucker?

Tuck: Me.

Me: Okay, Tucker. (insert appropriate mom irritation)  Who is STILL in school and who is DONE with school.

Tuck: Well, you’re done Mommy, but I’m still smarter.

Me: Tucker…(as I turn to look at him and give him the “don’t mess with me this morning” look) what on earth makes you think you’re smarter than Mommy?

Tuck: Cuz, I’m a smart boy, Mommy.  That’s what you always say. Right?  So, that’s why I know he died in a war and not on the cross!  I KNOW I’m right, Mommy, cuz I’m a smart boy!

Me: Tuck, quit being a smart alec!

Tuck: I’m NOT, Mommy.  I am a smart boy NOT a smart ALEC.

Me: (Big sigh) Okay, Tucker.

I was irritated with his persistence, but had to chuckle at his logic.  He IS a smart boy and I always tell him so.  I never thought it’d go to his head though.



Peace, love and harmless debates.



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