Game Night

Tuesday night was game night. 

We made a quick supper and decided to teach Tucker how to play Jenga.  Grady and I both love this game.

Tucker did REALLY well for being 5!!

Ella was bored and ready to do something else so she decided to pout.

Mucho concentration.

This always amazes me.

Then we switched to a game he got for Christmas a year ago…Monkeys Jumping on The Bed.  It’s pretty silly.

You have to act out the different things you do before bed when you land on them.  Grady was “taking a bath”.  I’m loving the goofy face he must make while he bathes. 

At any moment the bed can pop up and the monkeys come tumbling down.

It was a cute game that went with several books that Tucker’s Nana has gotten him.

It was a fun hour to hang out together that wasn’t centered around the tv or the computer.  I hope we remember to do it again soon.

What’s your favorite family fun night activity?

Peace, love and monkey business.


One thought on “Game Night

  1. Tell Grady I expect to see the monkey replay on May 19th!!!! Ha and I require sounds as well as full-monkey actions! I can’t wait!

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