We woke up to the beautiful sounds of rain pitter pattering on our windows this morning.  What a blessing!!!

I don’t think I have to tell anyone that this has been the WEIRDEST winter I have ever seen.  It’s like we live in the land of opposites.  It’s warm where it should be cold and bitterly cold where it should be mild…  I never thought I’d say this, but I WANT some snow, I WANT it to get cold, I WANT my winter.


We discovered last night that Tucker is allergic to the round, striped peppermints.  He breaks out in HUGE hives all over his poor little body.  It was a little freaky.  Thankfully they cleared up within a couple hours.  Who would have thought you could be allergic to peppermints????


I’m going to make Buffalo Drummies for Super Bowl. Grady loves wings, I hate how little and messy they are so this is my compromise.

And…they’re on the healthier side.



Remember back when I felt like this?

Well, I had a very good friend recommend this.

Whoever in their right mind thinks it’s “ouchless” has lost their mind!!!!


And so I’ll leave you with that on this fine Friday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Peace, love and COMMERCIALS!!!!!

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