Bathtime Excitement

I don’t know about you, but when I put Tucker in the tub I know I usually have about 20 minutes of peace and quiet to get random things done around the house.  Bathtime is a dun time for Tucker.  He pretends he’s at battle, blowing the enemy to smithereens and shouting orders here and there; or the tub is a huge race track and Lightning McQueen and his crew are speeding to the finish line.  Either way, it’s time for his imagination to run wild and time for me to get things accomplished.

Last night was no exception.  Grady was fiddling around on the computer and I was getting Punkie ready for bed.  All was as it should have been.  That is, until we heard what sounded like a loud crashing sound coming from the bathroom followed by the most shrill, blood curdling scream from Tucker.  Grady and I both raced into the bathroom to find Tucker standing in the tub with a look of terror across his face.

“I want out!!!  It blew up!!!”  He was pointing to our light fixture above the sink, which has exposed bulbs.  Sure enough the lightbulb on the end had exploded.  I was bewildered, but Grady knew, immediately, what had happened.

For some time now Ella has been randomly picking up items around the house and depositing them into our bathtub.

This lovely item found itself a new home in the tub.

It’s purpose is to blow up party balloons.

Tucker quickly repurposed it.  It’s NEW job was to squirt water all over the tub, shower and general bathroom area.

The loud crash that we heard…it’s what lightbulbs sound like when they explode after being squirted with water.

The blood curdling scream we heard… it’s what little boys sound like when they make light bulbs explode in the bathroom after squirting water on them.

We didn’t even have to worry about any sort of disciplinary action for Tucker’s mishap.  The sheer terror he was in was punishment enough. 

His exact words were, “Mommy, I know how to not ever do THAT again.”

“How’s that Tucker?”

“Take that ‘fing’ out of the ‘baftub’!”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Peace, love and explosions!!!


One thought on “Bathtime Excitement

  1. oh my gosh! So funny and terrifying! What’s even funnier is that we have our balloon blower-upper in our bath toys too!!! I close the shower curtain on them if they’re playing with it- otherwise it’s all over the place. I had NO idea that they could be exploding lightbulbs in there though!!! holy cow!

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