The Gears Are Turning

Last night Tucker got out one of the puzzles he got for Christmas. 

We hadn’t attempted a big puzzle yet and I was impressed that he wanted to start with this one.  It’s a little on the wild side. 

I helped get the outer edges put together and then I let him work on the middle. 

He struggled for a little bit and had to study the box. 

Then it was like a lightbulb just came on. 

He knew EXACTLY where everything went.  I was even having a hard time finding the right pieces to help out and he just GOT it.

I told him that I wanted to see him finish it and he was excited to do all on his own.

I’ve always known he was an incredibly bright and smart child, but when I get to see it in action it just makes my heart shine.

Mission accomplished.

Peace, love and pieces.


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