Kicking and Screaming

Last weekend, out of the blue, Miss Monkey discovered the art of throwing herself onto the floor in a tantrum.

Grady and I are stumped as to where she picked up this new (ahem),… skill….  It’s not something her brothers do, …nor her parents. (Just in case you were wondering)

You can’t help, but want to laugh.  It’s just so dramatic and comical.  But, as funny as it may be we all turned our heads and ignored her. 

Jess was the only who came to her rescue.  He didn’t even know what to do for her.

Our persistent unacknowledgement paid off.  It only lasted about 4 days and she was done.

Thank goodness.  I don’t think I could handle a drama queen.




Peace, love and outbursts.

2 thoughts on “Kicking and Screaming

  1. My mom, your great-grandma, always said in reference to me “the one time that you had a tantrum”. I think your method of handling the situation is probably better. Keep up the good work.

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