Sunday Evening

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Flint Hills!  We took full advantage of it and played outside for a couple of hours after nap time.  It was Ella’s first REAL taste of nature.  I’ll tell you what…she didn’t want to have any part of coming back inside.

She was waiting patiently for Mommy to finish getting baked potatoes washed and in the oven and steaks thawed out so we could go outside.  I just love that big cheesy smile!

Tucker got some crazy stuff from his buddies birthday party. 

Grady had to join in on the silliness.

Ella discovered this garden squirrel decoration that’s been hanging out on the bench on the deck.  I’m fairly certain she thought it was real.  She carried it around and chatted with it for quite a while.

Our house is surrounded by farming fields.  Across the road these snow geese come stay for a bit every year.  This picture shows only about half of them.  They come to this field every evening and are on the other side of the tree line every morning for a week or two.  It’s amazing to watch them come in, land, hang for a bit and then take off.

I think we have a little sports fanatic on our hands.  She also had Tuck’s golf club and t-ball post. I’m not sure who is going to be more outdoorsy and athletic, The Monkey or her brother.

Tuck wanted to practice riding his bike.  His goal is to take the training wheels off before summer gets here.

Miss Monkey would have walked a mile down the road if I would have let her.  She was LOVING this outdoor thing.

Oh, ROCKS!!!  Rocks are cooool.

While the kids and I were playing and making new discoveries, Daddy was manning the grill.  I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these were!!!!  MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

My little artist.

And as the sun was setting the air was beginning to get a chill again.  It was the perfect afternoon day!!  I can’t wait for spring to “officially” get here. 


Peace, love and sunshine!!!


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