The Squish!

There are two types of people out there.

A.) Those who religiously keep up on their health/physicals and annual appointments. 


B.) Those who religiously stay away from their doctor, avoiding them at all cost.

I fall into category A.  I schedule my appointments every year.  I go.  I deal with the humiliation of “the stirrups”.  I stare at the ceiling while the girls get examined.  I talk to my doctor about where I’m at on the health scale.  We talk about my diet.  We talk about the weight I want to lose.  We talk about my crazy life and schedule.  We cover it all.  I’m fine with it.  I don’t have any sort of hangups about the stirrups.  (Ha!  I just made myself giggle!) 

This year we talked about something new.  Something I’ve been dreading since I was a teenager.


You know what I’m talking about…  I have reached the age at which I now have to start (gulp)…mammograms!


I know. I know.  They’re not as bad as I’m making them out to be. 

I know. I know.  It’s only a few minutes and it’s over with.

I know. I know.  The benefits of this test are OVERWHELMING.

Seriously, this is the ONLY thing that I’ve been dreading for some time now.  I’m not afraid of what they’ll find.  I’m not scared of the test.

I’m dreading ‘the squish”.  I’m not looking forward to standing in front of this huge awkward machine baring the goods and then enduring them being flattened like pancakes. 

I’ve had all the pep talks.  I’ve heard all the good, bad and ugly of the whole ordeal.  It doesn’t make me feel any more or less enthused about it.

I WILL make the appointment.

I WILL endure “the squish”.

But know this…I will be dreaming of laying on a beach in Mexico with a big margarita in my hands the whole time!!!  I WILL be taking a mental vacation…

Peace, love and pancakes!


One thought on “The Squish!

  1. Growing up, I had a slew of emotional and skin issues. Thanks to natural healing, internal and external martial arts, mostly organic, vegetarian diet – I no longer need to go see my doctors as much I used to. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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