Decisions, Decisions

I need your help.

Ella is getting baptized on Easter Sunday. 

(We’re just a little behind with her…  Better late than never, right.) 

Since this is going to be an extra special Easter celebration I wanted her to have more than just the traditional Easter dress.  I feel like it needs to be just a bit fancier than the bright fun colors I typically like to dress her in.

I have several dresses that I’ve picked out and I need your help in decided which one.  I love all three and have the darnedest time making deicisons like this.

So…this is where you come in.  Check out the three choices below and leave a comment telling me your vote.  Please.  I really need the input.

Option 1

Option 2.

Option 3

I know.  I love purple.  I really love Ella in purple.  It’s not the typical “pink” girl color, yet it’s very fiminine, which is refreshing.

My favorite is the white dress with pink rosettes, but my gut is telling me she’ll have the white ruined in no time.

So, please, cast your votes and opinion.

Peace, love and pretty dresses.

10 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I’d buy that white one in a heartbeat. There is nothing more adorable than a little girl in a crisp white dress. I’ve bought white for my boys for Sundays and have never run into a problem. Just don’t let her eat in it 🙂

  2. The white with one of those dusters that the occupants of early motor cars wore. You could rip that off before the ceremony. Oh, sorry that is a different era.

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