What a Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just have to sigh and resign to the fact that it just is what it is and you just have to muddle through it?

This has been one of those weeks in my world.

My supervisor has been gone this week, with several other ladies in and out on various days which makes the phone load and work load interesting.  I’ll be out for several days next week which means I needed to get thing wrapped up and taken care of on my own desk.

Wednesday night I made a very good attempt at cutting off the tip of my finger.  I actually managed to take off a large portion of fingernail and skin underneath on the inside corner.  It’s nasty.  It hurts.  It’s awkward to type.  I have, LITERALLY, fat fingered documents all week!  Band Aids stick to it.  Antibiotic ointment (isn’t that such a weird word…ointment…ahem, sorry) makes the Band Aid not stick as well.

I am, however, very grateful to my ranch wife friends, Amber and Amy, for reminding me of the great usefulness of vet wrap! 


Not only is it a great tool for doctoring animals, but it works great for nasty cuts on fingers that need extra protection.

See…good as new!  Can you see why typing is such a chore…

Late yesterday morning the kids and I made a mad dash north 20 miles for Cade’s wrestling tournament.  Although it started bright and early in the morning I knew there would be no way Ella would “civilly” survive an entire day in the bleachers.  We had a quick lunch at Dairy Queen and headed to the gym.  We got to see Cade’s last two matches. 

He’s the one in red and black with his legs in the air.  He took 4th.  If you ask him, I’m sure he wouldn’t be too pleased with that, but overall, he’s done EXTREMELY well this season.  He was league champ at his first meet!  I think he’s found his sport.

Ella even survived the few hours we were there. 

This quickly turned into…

this after Daddy got there.

And then we came home.  We all settled down.  Ella was playing.  Tucker was coloring.  Grady and I were watching tv and relaxing.  And then Ella, in all of her one-year-old grace, came crashing down onto her play kitchen and immediately burst into to tears and wails.  Grady jumped up to get her and proclaimed, “She bit through her tongue.”

I ran to the kitchen to get a damp paper towel.  We cleaned her up, assessed the situation and sure enough, through all the blood we could see where her four (very sharp) top little baby teeth cut right through her tongue.  I wasn’t sure if we needed to take her in, but the bleeding finally quit, her tears subsided and we knew the tongue heals remarkably fast and stitches would have been worse.

Yet, another big sigh.

I’m hoping today is incident free, restful and full of belly laughs.


Peace, love and good endings.


P.S.  I’m trying a new “light” recipe.  If all goes well, I’ll be sharing it with you next week!!!  (It’s Mexican food, if that raises your intrigue…  wink! wink!)


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