My New Pal

Thank you SO much for all of your input on which dress you liked for Ella.  I was kind of blown away with all your responses.


There was a clear winner amongst all the Facebook comments and comments left here.  Dress #2, the white with pink band, was the choice. (Dress #3 wasn’t far behind…)

It is now on it’s way to our house.  I can’t wait to see her in it.  To relieve my worry about her getting it filthy, I remembered a dress my grandparents got her that’s more casual that she can wear for the rest of the day.

Thanks again!  You guys ROCK!


My friend, Meg, (okay Meg has no idea who I am, but I’d like to think she’s my friend because she’s an awesome blogger) has started a habit. 

She introduced her readers to an App that she found

I LOVE this site!!!  It’s SO easy to navigate through, easy to find ANY food out there AND I have the App on my phone too, so I can sync everything together no matter where I’m at. 

I’m not a “defined diet” kind of person.  I don’t do Adkins, I don’t do Weight Watchers, I don’t do shakes or whatnot.  It just doesn’t fit me.  I’m a calorie counter, measurer, diary kind of person.  I love the math of it.  It’s kind of a game I play with myself.  This site is PERFECT for anyone like me who likes to keep detailed track of what goes in your body.  The best part is that it makes it EASY.  It has definitely held me more accountable for what I put in my mouth!!! 

You can even link up with friends on this site and help keep each other on track.

I also got this…

I found these scales at Wal-Mart.  They’ll actually tell me if I’ve lost, maintained, or gained weight.  HA!!!!!!  I think these scales will hold me more accountable than the website!  It flashes a green light if you’ve lost, yellow if you’ve maintained and RED if you’ve gained!!!  Maybe it should also have a big fog horn too if you’ve REALLY gained.  It’d be an attention getter.

So there’s my post about my new “thing”….weight loss.  I’m pretty serious about it.  I think it’s time that I am.  This “baby weight” needs to come off.  I’m ready to be HEALTHY!!!  My goal is 20 pounds.  So far I’m 3 down!  🙂

Come find me on if you want to get healthy with me!



Peace, love and fat grams!

One thought on “My New Pal

  1. Aah, the counting and the math does get addicting. I’ve set up my own Excel worksheet for my diary with pretty colors and everything for whenever I don’t have internet access haha. Not too mention my food data list has grown substantially! 😮 Good luck on your journey! I hope to read more 🙂

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