Usually I love surprises.  They’re fun.  They’re unexpected and they’re usually quite pleasant.

I’m not sure how I feel about the surprise we got Thursday night.

We have two family dogs, our little mild mannered Dacshund, Jess, who is inside 90% of the time, and then there’s our “little” big dog, Harley.  She’s our protective, loving, sweetheart of a border collie.  She’s on the small scale for a border collie, but she’s got a HUGE heart.  We love her to pieces.  She’s outside 98% of the time.  She gets to spend time inside when the weather isn’t pleasant for her, but other than that she stays outdoors.  She has a kennel that we built off the shed that she LOVES to stay in at night. (She’s kind of afraid of the dark…)  Typically, she gets let out in the evening when we get home so she can run and play and then she goes back to her kennel at night.  On occasion she may stay out all night if the weather isn’t bad.  Her kennel door stays open so she has free roam.  No worries.  No problems.  It’s the life of a country dog.

Thursday night Grady went out to kennel Harley and check on her self feeder.  It was dark.  He came back in and told me to come see something.  I had NO idea what he was going to make me see.  Living in the country could mean seeing ANY sort of interesting things outside.  We walked into the kennel and he shined his flashlight into the corner and this is what we saw…

Yep, the little hooker has PUPPIES!!!!!  We had NO idea.  Since it was only three she never got very “fat”.  She did put on what we thought was weight.  We had just changed her dog food to a higher protein food because she has a hard time keeping weight ON.  We just thought she was looking good… 

Nope, she had PUPPIES!  She’s been NAUGHTY!

This just proves that it only takes ONCE!  Whenever she’s in heat we’re very careful to keep her in the kennel or inside.  The boys will come roaming from all around otherwise.  There was ONE night that she took off and didn’t come back until late.  Once.  Once.  Once! 


Yes, puppies are cute.  Puppies are sweet.  Puppies are funny.  But they’re a lot of work.  I wasn’t ready for more puppies.

I’m thankful that there are only 3.  If anyone would like a sweet Easter gift for your kids they’ll be ready about that time!!!  There are two boys and one girl.

In related news…

Ella’s not sure what to think.  She “likes” them, but doesn’t want them to get too close.  I think that’s a good thing for now.



Peace, love and puppy breath.


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