I have been waiting for this day ALL week.

It’s been, kind of, a rough one.  Ella had a really nasty, scary fall earlier in the week that rocked my world beyond anything I’ve ever dealt with before.  I’ll spare you the details because it’s enough to make anyone’s heart skip about 40 beats.  Let’s just say that this took my knowledge of the concept of parenting and the emotional highs and lows that go with it to a whole new level.

Don’t panic.  She’s perfectly fine with the exception of the large bruise on her forehead and “road rash” on her cheeks.  She’s one helluva tough child which in turn scares the H-E double hockey sticks out of me.  She is definitely the perfect blend of both of her parents, bold, sassy, fearless, brave, hard-headed and determined with a lot of sweetness, humor and love sprinkled all over.  I may have a heartache at a very young age due to this one.

Add that incident with a crazy busy work schedule, a meeting for Grady, warm weather calling us outside and a few sleepless nights and it makes for one worn out momma.

Nana and Papa came to the rescue though.  The kids are spending a long weekend with them.  Tucker was super excited.  He knows he gets to help Nana cook, help Papa with chores, drive the mule (an ATV version, not the mammalian kind) and just plain get spoiled rotten.  Momma was super excited because that means, sleeping in, an extra hour this morning to do WHATEVER I want, time to paint my toenails uninterrupted, a guilt free, babysitter free, girls night with special friends, a WHOLE day with Grady to do anything we want and not a single temper tantrum thrown in the mix.

Rest assured that by Sunday I will be VERY ready to get my babies back.  Until then I’m going to soak up all this ME time and enjoy this…

and these…

Can you believe the daffodils are already out?  I LOVE the bright colors already popping out all over the place.  Just makes me happy!


Peace, love and quiet time!!!!


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