Arrowheads and Antlers

Saturday Grady and I had the whole day to ourselves to do whatever we wanted.

You wanna know what MY cowboy considers a fun date?

Arrowhead and antler drop hunting.  I know, not exactly every girl’s dream of a romantic day with her husband. 

You know what?

I liked it.

We live in an area where there were many American Indians who settled the area for periods of time leaving behind AMAZING artifacts.  Grady’s great-aunt has property that is PRIME for arrowhead hunting.  He’s accumulated quite a little collection.

This is what arrowhead hunting looks like.

Wandering around a plowed field looking for little things like this.

See that little rock in the middle?  That’s a piece of an arrowhead.  Sometimes you find really great pieces, like this one.

And sometimes you “think” you found something spectacular and your bubble is burst when “the expert” tells you it’s just a piece of broken flint rock.

It’s totally worth it when you find a really great piece.

Wanna know a secret…?

Two years ago when our family was coming home from a big day of playing in the creek I stopped to pee behind the pickup. (Yes, sometimes a girl has to “take care of business” when she’s out in the boonies.  It’s not glamorous, but hey, nature calls!)  Wanna know what I found when I looked down?  I found an absolute PERFECT arrowhead lying in the middle of the road!  Who knows how many trucks had driven over the top of it.

After the arrowhead hunting came to a close Grady said it was time to go look for antler drops.  Guys who hunt deer LOVE to find the antlers that the buck have shed from the previous season.  They like to know what “big guys” are roaming around.

We hiked up some steep terrain.  Nice view if I do say so myself…  (wink, wink)

Jess got the privilege of joining us for the day.

I got to see some pretty stuff.  Life “springing” into action!

And then we lost Jess.  One minute there, and the next gone.

So…we had to turn around and go back to find him.  He was found perched on the top of a log looking long in the face because he KNEW he was in trouble for falling astray.

There were no antlers to be found that day, but it was fun to go hiking.

We’re definitely an outdoor family.  I’m so glad spring has sprung early around here so that we could get a jump start on discovering the wonders of nature. 

Peace, love and good finds.


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