Chicken Fried Rice

I’ve been trying to find some really great low-calorie, healthful meals that taste great and are FILLING.

It’s kind of tough.  You really have to get creative.  I’m getting there.  I’m finding that I don’t need nearly as much oil/fat to saute something as I thought I did.  I can cut out a lot of white, starchy carbs and replace them with whole grains.

I was roaming through Pinterest last week and found a Weight Watchers version of Chicken Fried Rice

Photo Courtesy of Laa Loosh

I was curious.  I’ve never made homemade Chinese food.  I’ve always been a little leery, but I printed out the recipe and wanted to give it whirl.

I did the math on it before I even tried it to make sure the calorie to portion ratio was do-able.  In the Weight Watchers world a one cup portion is 4+ points.  I’m not really sure what that means, but in the calorie counting world one cup equals about 175 calories. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking…

One cup…seriously?  That’s not enough to fill up my big toe!

That’s exactly what I thought.  So, I was really excited when I realized that I could EASILY have two cups and be well within my meal allowance!!!  At the end of any given day I still have about 500 calories allowed for supper.  But, here’s the kicker.  One cup of this stuff is a LOT!!!  I put a cup and a half on my plate and it was a huge pile! I was crazy full afterward, but didn’t feel guilty in the slightest.  What a great feeling that is.

Here’s my tips…

This could EASILY be a 30-minute meal.  Just make sure that you cook your rice a day or two before and store it in the fridge.  Just heat it up in the microwave before you start cooking.  After making the dish according to the recipe I think I’d substitute the green onions with a regular yellow onion.  I like the stronger onion flavor. 

You’ll notice that my calorie count is higher than what she has on her post.  I used a tablespoon of regular vegetable oil and added about 4 more ounces of chicken.

The only other thing I can say is that you’ve never dried brown rice and are skeptical… so was I!  Guess what?  It’s pretty awesome!  To be terribly honest, you can’t tell the difference in this recipe at all.

The absolute last thing I’ll say about this recipe is, folks, this ROCKS!!!

Laa Loosh has some other really great low-calorie, low-fat recipes.  Definitely check her out.

Peace, love and “anti” fried rice!!!


2 thoughts on “Chicken Fried Rice

  1. This looks really really good. I have brown rice in my pantry so I’m going to give this a go. I like your idea of using green onions and I may throw in some edamame as well. Thanks for the inspiration today!

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