Passing Time… Country Style

This is what my yard currently looks like.

It’s well on its way to being classified as a small body of water.  I think I’m justified in asking for a break in the rain.  I’m certain that we get that break this weekend.

As promised, Tucker got to play in the mud puddles, otherwise known as the pool, at the end of our driveway.

This is every kids dream and every country kids opportunity.  If you live on gravel roads, with a gravel driveway and pastures a plenty you WILL get to play in the mud and water.  It’s a requirement as a country kid.  A right of passage, we’ll say.

It was still raining lightly, the temperature was a chilly 50°, but armed with his hat, mud boots, old, worn out jeans and a pullover he was set for whatever the water gave him.

You couldn’t have asked for a happier boy.

Peace, love and mud pies.


4 thoughts on “Passing Time… Country Style

  1. What a smile! I love your photo with the water splashing up. I’m not going to show my boys these photos…they’ll definitely want to follow suit!

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