The Land of Ahhhhhs

My mother has used this phrase to refer to our great state for a few years and last night it rang true.

Spring in Kansas is one of my absolute FAVORITE times of the year!  The storms, the renewed colors of life, the annual pasture burns, the new calves.  It’s all so amazing.

Last night, as my family played in the yard I looked across the field into the sky and watched as the thunder clouds played with each other…swirling and brewing and moving about.

I’m mesmerized by clouds like this. 

Who wouldn’t be?

To some these clouds insight fear for the storm that probably looms ahead, and for others, like me, it excites them for the intense lightening and thunder display that will surely arise.

I sometimes wonder if I should have been a meteorologist or storm chaser. 

What do you think about storms?






I think they’re a beautiful combination of all of these. 

Now…I think I’ll go clean out my basement.



Peace, love and wonderfully wicked weather.


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