I woke up to the sound of thunder this morning.  I have to admit that hearing a thunderstorm on a Saturday morning when I have no outside plans is kind of nice.  It’s the type of morning I wish for when in reality it’s a Monday and I want is to drown in the cool, cozy, dark and lazy day and NOT go to work.


The kids and I dyed Easter eggs this morning.

Actually, Ella sat in her highchair and watched and played with the plastic variety.

My secret to the intense colors…buy two egg dying kits and mix it all up as if it were one, putting two tablets in one cup…


My house smells INSANELY good.  I’m cooking my Easter ham today since I won’t have time tomorrow with all the baptism plans.


The end.


With all of this Easter goodness around I’ve managed to stay away from the abundance of chocolate and candy.

I’m almost to my halfway mark on my weight loss.  NINE pounds as of this morning!!!

After Easter is over I’m going on another low-calorie recipe hunt. 

Yes, you know I’ll share all my good finds with you.  (wink! wink!)


If you’ve noticed over there on the right side of my page I’ve created a Crazy Cowboy Wife Facebook page.  Go up there and “like” it and you can follow me that way.  I link my posts to my personal FB page, but of course that doesn’t reach all of you, so feel free to link up to me that way.


We’re having a family weenie roast tonight.  I can’t decide what to take.  What’s your favorite outdoor food snack?  I’m thinking about making cucumber dip.  That’s another one I need to share with you.  One word…ADDICTIVE!

That’s about it for this morning.  I hope you’re all having an amazing Easter weekend.  Many blessing to all of you!!


Peace, love and the Risen One!


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