Eggs, Baptism and Wiggle Worms

Our Easter morning was  a little hectic. 

E.B. was up at the crack of dawn hiding eggs and filling baskets.  He was nice enough to make me a big pot of coffee.

We had a lot on our plate that day.  Egg hunting in our pajamas, basket digging, church, baptism, family feast, more egg hunting and winding down at home.

Ella is NOT a patient child in church.  She’s WAY too busy to sit still and be entertained with toys for an entire hour.  Of course the baptism was at the end of the service so she was a mess by the time we got up there.  I’m so thankful for our AMAZING pastor who is so patient, tolerant and kind and able to completely laugh at all of our silliness.  The baptism went as smoothly as can with a determined one-year-old .  Miss Monkey was intrigued by the water on her head.  But she looked DARLING in her little white dress!!!1

It was a large day and I loved every minute of it!

Peace, love and little white dresses.


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