Saturday night in Kansas was INSANE, to put it mildly.

Kansas Tornado from April 14, 2012, image pulled from Google Images

For three days our local weathermen had been warning us of the massive storms that were going to hit the state. They warned us that if we were in a tornado WATCH that we should take shelter because by the time the actual WARNING came around it’d be too late.

The day started out warm, bright and sunny. By noon it had quickly changed to overcast and cool. The sun kept trying to pop out which is the perfect recipe for disaster in tornado alley.

My in-laws came over for a weather watching party. We ate a lovely Mexican casserole supper and then parked it in front of our television for 4 hours to watch nothing, but the weatherman until midnight.

The first one we heard about was in a neighboring town about 30 minutes away. Everything still looked clear in our neck of the woods so we stayed calm and listened.

All over the state storms were brewing and swirling and churning creating tornadoes left and right. We went outside on the deck at sundown and saw the massive storm just to our west. At that point in time I packed what I call the basement bag. It consists of a change of clothes for each person, my makeup bag (because that stuff’s EXPENSIVE to replace on a whim), diapers and wipes for Miss Monkey and my laptop and camera. It may be trivial stuff to some, but I always think about not having clean clothes and if I’m running to the basement at 2 am I don’t want my only garments to be my flannel pajama pants and ratty old t-shirt. So…the bag was placed, shoes were gathered and a sweep of the basement was made.

We continued to watch. Wichita got hit hard and as we watched we realized that the same storm was headed in our direction. I started to get a little nervous. Finally, around midnight, after Grady, Tucker and the kids went to bed, my in-laws and I decided that it was going to just miss us to the south.

We were safe.

It was safe to go to bed.


There’s a blog I follow of a fellow Kansas girl who had a little more interesting evening. Go see what Beki’s experience was.

I’m fairly certain this was the first tornado of the evening.


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