Anticipation and Stuff

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Weigh in day is tomorrow.

I’m anxious to see if anything has changed.

I was a good girl and hid the scales under the bathroom sink.  The temptation to pull them out has been strong, but I’ve resisted. 


We had an AWESOME weekend.

Tucker had another soccer game Saturday afternoon.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching him play.

We went to the local nursery and got our garden plants and a few flowers.  I’m excited to beautify my yard again.  Last summer was SOOOO hot and SOOOO miserable and….I just didn’t have the time with a baby to tend to flower bed.

This year is different.  Miss Monkey is now old enough to “help”. 

Help take the dirt OUT of the pots.

Help EAT the dirt.

Help pull the petals OFF the flowers.

Yes, she helps.  I love it!


This weekend is our FIRST ranch rodeo of the season.   …And it’s the first “official” rodeo with the new team.  I’m excited.  The weather is supposed to beautiful.  Abbey and the kids will get to go, too.  It’ll be like old times with a new twist.

We’ll miss our old teammates, but we’re excited for this new chapter.

Peace, love and anxiety attacks!


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