Back on Track

I wasn’t feeling very “skinny” this morning when I pulled the scales out from under the sink.  I wasn’t sure what I’d see.  But…I’m happy to report that the lull has been broken!

Not only did I lose the weird weight that I was gaining back last week, but I lost an extra pound.  I am officially a half pound from my halfway point.  Fifty-five days on track and I’m halfway to my goal.  It’s a good feeling.


Do you remember the Chicken and Spinach Quinoa recipe I shared with you several weeks ago?

Well, I switched it up a little bit last night.  I bought some pre-cooked shrimp for another recipe I’m making tomorrow night and decided that I wanted to switch the chicken for the shrimp.  I omitted the thyme and replaced it with garlic and added a cup of peas to the veggies.  It was A-MAZ-ING!!!!!  I LOVED it!  It had an Asian/fried rice kind of flare without the extra “fried” part and the added health factor of the quinoa instead of rice.  I ate one and a half portions (because I needed to fill some calories for the day) and was STUFFED.  Switching up the protein dropped the calorie count per point from 323 calories to 279 per serving.

You should give  it a try.  I loved it!


The kids and I got some of our flowers planted last night.

I’m excited to plant basil this year.  LOTS of basil, tomatoes and mozzarella are in my summer future!

This fun little thing is a Flapjack plant.  We had to get a new one this year because I accidentally killed our other one last fall.  OOPS!  The kids love this because their Papa makes them “flapjacks” every time they stay with them.

Tucker and I decided to go with a “House Divided” theme this year.  He gets purple for his beloved K-State and I get orange for my Pokes.  I think they’re a great blend!

Ella enjoyed playing in the dirt, too.

Tonight’s project will be to tackle the messy flowerbed along the side of the house.  Should be good exercise.



Peace, love and accomplishments!


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