Shrimp on the Barbe…??? Not this time.

We’ve had two birthdays this week at the office.

Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear….

What?  Okay, okay…back to the point.

So you can guess the birthdays mean, right?


Every birthday MUST celebrated in a grand fashion and what better way to honor those we love than with a massive feast of amazing food.  Right?  Right.

At the request of one of the birthday girls, we were instructed to bring something we’ve never made before.

I LOVE the creative juices that flow through that joint!

I started my search with my friend, Ree.  She makes some pretty awesome stuff.  I perused through her appetizer portion of her food section on her blog and found this beauty.

Photo courtesy of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman

Yeah, it’s called Shrimpo de Gallo.  She made the name up.  For reals.

Back to the story.  I love shrimp.  We ALL know that I LOVE Mexican food and I especially love pico and salsas!

This was my new dish to bring.

I whipped it up last night, leaving out the avacado until morning.  Even without the avocado. I MADE myself quit eating it. FIREWORKS were going off in my mouth!!!!  BIRDS WERE SINGING AND THE HEAVENS OPENED UP!!! 

That’s how ridiculously good this stuff is!!!

I can’t even wait to try it with the avocado in it!!

Go to the store, buy the stuff and then race home to make.  Okay…so try to avoid getting a speeding ticket in the process.  But, I do mean HURRY!!!  Something this good can’t be delayed any longer.

So, on a different note…since I’ve been on this health kick my food curiosity has been a little crazy.  I’m trying things I would never have thought to pick up.  …like the quinoa.  A year ago, I would have thought, “yeah, cool, but my family probably won’t eat it so I’m not going to buy it.”  Now…I don’t care if I don’t think my family won’t eat, I’M going to try it.

So, at the store this week I picked up brussel sprouts and kale.  I had seen a recipe for roasted brussel sprouts that Lindsey RAVED about.  Grady’s a huge cabbage fan and I don’t hate it so I tried it.

For the first time in the history of our marriage I fixed something that Grady LOVED (his heavens were singing) and I could have passed on.  He loved them.  I could eat a few, but then the flavor was overwhelming and no longer pleasing.  I didn’t hate them, I just didn’t LOVE them.

Then I decided to try making Kale chips.  I had seen a short bit on The Food Network promoting healthy eating and it spotlighted kale chips.  So…there sat the kale in the produce aisle.  I grabbed a bunch and brought it home.

I made the treat last night.  I don’t want to say that I didn’t like it because it’s kind of like the brussel sprouts.  Actually…it tasted VERY similar to the roasted brussel sprouts.  But…I want to try a  slightly different approach next time.  It did have a fun crispness and crunch.  Grady hasn’t tried them yet, but I’m going to guess he’ll love them. 

If calories weren’t a factor and I had a bag of Ruffles and a bag of kale chips you better believe I’d be choosing the Ruffles, but since that isn’t reality I will munch on the kale chips to satisfy my crunch and salt need.

So, there it is, my food adventure for the week.  One major success and two so-so successes.



Peace, love and the pico queen!


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