Things that make me smile…

* My babies faces first thing in the morning when they’re still drunk with sleep.

* Grady’s attempt at telling a little white lie knowing the whole time that I see straight through his bologna.  (He’s the WORST liar EVER…. thank goodness.)

* The first cup of coffee of the day.

* Puppies.

* An unexpected visit from a close friend.

* My sister’s pregnant belly.

* Stepping on the scales on a morning that I don’t feel particularly “skinny” and seeing that the number has gone down.

* Sharing recipes with YOU and finding out that you really like them!!!

* Reading a great book late into the night and not wanting to put it down even though I have to keep re-reading the same paragraph because my eyes won’t stay open any longer.

* Belly laughs.

* Making someone else belly laugh.

* A clean house.

* The game plan chatter between Grady and his teammates before and after each rodeo.

* Watching Tucker create something out of nothing in his sand box.

* Listening to Ella chatter while she plays.

* Sitting on the deck while the hummingbirds battle it out over the feeder.

* Sewing.

* Knowing that my weight loss efforts are making my body stronger, my mind more determined and my life, potentially, longer.

* Getting that PERFECT shot that says EXACTLY what you were thinking with no words at all.

* That feeling of accomplishment after a long day at work.

* Reading stories to my kids.

* Listening to Grady’s corny jokes.

* Piles of pretty fabric.

* Knowing my life isn’t NEARLY as insane as the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

* Baby calves playing in the pasture.

* Brownies.

* The family feeling of the ranch rodeo team and their wives.

* Lip gloss.

* Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

* Tucker rapping.

* Freshly painted toe nails.

* My garden.

* Sunflowers.

* My house after everyone has gone to bed.

* Joan Rivers.

* My Chuck Taylors.

* Margaritas with my girlfriends.

* The sweet spot in my pillow.

* Five-year-old BFF’s battling it out on the soccer field on opposing teams.

*Five-year-old BFF’s who are STILL BFF’s after the game is over.

* Daddy’s that make victory bridges for ALL the players.

* Pinterest.

* Grady’s Wranglers. (wink! wink!)

* Grandma Phyllis’ ginger snap cookies.

* Grandma Phyllis.

* The mouse incident with my best friend, Amy.

* The mountains.

* Friday at 5:00.

* Watching my grandparents tease each other.

* The color green.

* Thunderstorms.

* My snuggly little boy.

* Ella’s laughter.

* Grady’s hugs.

* Life.

Peace, love and cheesy grins.


5 thoughts on “:-)

  1. That darn mouse! That made me laugh so hard just now thinking back to that night! I love reading your blog and I love that you are so honest about everything. I’m also happy that you are writing because I know you truly love it. I began counting calories this past Friday – thank you for being an inspiration to me!
    Keep writing – we are reading and loving it!

    • Oh, I know!! That had to be THE funniest night! THAT was a belly laughter night! Thank you for your sweet words and GOOD FOR YOU on the new goal. I have hoped that my brutal honesty about this whole health journey would let others realize that if THIS Foodie can do it anyone can!!! You’ll have to keep me posted on your success!

  2. ohhh..these can’t help but make you smile!! Except for you forgot to add your ridiculously absurd, crazy fellow ranchers’ wife in Oklahoma..who by the way, you get to see in 3 days!! Get your game face on..we are going to bet(and win) on some winners…and out-do our “know a good horse when I see one” husbands!!!?!!!!

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