This girl does NOT like…

this guy.

As Grady and I watched one of our favorite shows last night, Modern Family, several scenes were played out with clowns.  We love it.  I laugh hysterically.  Who wouldn’t laugh at “sleep clowning”???!!! 

Ella was calmly drinking her sippy cup of milk in the comfort of her daddy’s arms when out of nowhere she started sobbing.  She immediately sat up, grabbed her cup and blankie, crawled OFF her daddy’s lap and came running to me.



R-U-N-N-I-N-G to Mommy for protection.

She climbed in my lap, layed in my arms and hid her face from the tv. 

She did NOT want to have ANYTHING to do with that clown.

….so, I guess that puts the kabosh on the clown for her 2nd birthday party.


Peace, love and red noses!!!


2 thoughts on “Clownin’

  1. Keric was a clown one Halloween and Jovi was terribly afraid of clowns for quite some time after that encounter. She has grown out of it but I do think many children are afraid of clowns. If you really look at them through a child’s eyes you can probably see why.

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