I need your help.

I have a little project that I want to start.

You see this room.

It’s dark.

Really…really…really dark.  There is one window that lets light into the room, but it’s semi hidden around a corner.  When we moved in the walls already had the red wallpaper and border, but had a dark color of tan on the top.  I lightened it up with the pale yellow top coat over the tan and painted the paneling as well.  It helped tremendously, but it just wasn’t enough.  (No, I don’t care for the Americana theme, but we were on a time crunch to move in three years ago and there’s a LOT of wallpaper in the house.  There just wasn’t time to take it down.  Someday, but that requires no toddlers be present and a weekend with no plans.)

Now, I want to do something to brighten the room and it has to be inexpensive. 

I LOVE this table.  Grady bought it for me before Tucker was born.  We found it in a local antique shop.  I’m fairly certain it was an old work bench in a school.  The dark wood has got to go.  It needs a face lift and I think a fresh coat of paint would be the perfect pick me up.

Here’s my dilemna.  I know that I want to paint the top white, but I’d like to do something fun on the skirting and the legs. 

Here are the colors I’m tossing around.  My favorite color is green, but I’m leaning more toward a turquoise-ish hue for the skirt and legs.  Then again, I think the middle color of yellow for the skirt and a warm turquoise for the legs would be fun and festive too.  I wish these were good and true representations of the colors, but the camera and the light just can’t get them right.  They’re all really rich vibrant colors.

What would YOU do with this table?  Would you go crazy and paint it a wild color or would you be more subtle?

I feel like I’ve always taken the safe route with color choices.  I have this CRAZY desire to just go nuts and throw caution to the wind.  It’s just a table, right?  If I hate it I can always change it.

Throw your ideas my way.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.



Peace, love and bright ideas!


4 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. If it were me, I would leave the table as is and paint each chair a different color…or something along those lines. I really like the rustic, wood table!
    I think anything you decide will turn out awesome!!!

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