I’m not sure what it is about the wheat fields that always make me want to stop and pull out the camera.  Maybe it’s the gentle waves that roll over the entire field with the slightest breeze.  Maybe it’s the GOLD of the shocks as the sun sets.

I don’t know… but, it gets me.  Every time.

The strange and crazy weather of the winter and spring has led an early harvest this year.  The local farmers and grain coops are hard it harvesting and storing the goods.  It’s always a race against the elements to get everything in before a damaging storm could eliminate the entire crop. 

I drive by these wheat fields every day and their beauty captures me.

I love these old grain trucks.  They’re everywhere.  Most of them are fun old, chippy paint colors that catch your eye.  Their slow pace may cause some congestion on the highway, but most of us don’t mind since this is the way of life around here.

Large round hay bales dot the pastures all over.  A promise of nourishment for our cattle and horses through the long, cold winter months.

These Flint Hills amaze me.  It’s a land that truly provides.  Land that gives back to its people and creatures.  Land that I am SO proud to call home.

I love Kansas. 

That’s all.

Peace, love and a land of plenty!


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