A LARGE Weekend

It was the 75th Annual Flint Hills Rodeo celebration this past weekend.

Rodeo weekend is ALWAYS a big deal.  Lots of people come to town.  Dances on two nights.  A large parade on Saturday and lots of hours put in by Grady at the grounds and lots of spousal help from me with the hospitality tent.  It’s a fun time.  We love doing it and look forward to it every year.

Sometimes things get a little too close for comfort…

The parade was a HUGE hit this year.  I’m sad to say that I had more parade pictures than rodeo action.  I was a busy girl with Ella and the weather wasn’t all that cooperative this year.  It got too dark too early on the nights that I could shoot.

So…we have parade pictures to enjoy.

Boys waiting patiently to fill their sacks and hats full of candy.

Marching bands just make me happy, especially military ones.

Budweiser has been a long standing sponsor of our rodeo.  Twenty-five years ago the Budweiser Clydesdales were THE entertainment for the rodeo.  The board decided it would be a great tradition to bring them back for this big anniversary.  Our family has had the privilege of seeing them in Amarillo, but we got to get up close and personal with them while they were our guests here.  I. LOVE. THESE. HORSES!  I can’t get enough.


Yep…that’s their caravan following them.  THREE HUGE semis.

One semi holds the horses.  One holds the wagon and the other holds their portable stables. UN-believable!

And then there are these crazy guys.  These Shriners are quite the entertainers.

And then this came through.

Look closely…

Poor guy.  There’s just something so funny about this modern day machine getting a lift from the old school style of travel.


Punkie loved the whole thing!

And then there were the tractors.  There are ALWAYS tractors.  Big ones.  Little ones. Short ones.  Tall ones.  Fancy ones.  Old ones.  It’s a farming community for heaven’s sake.

Throw in a little country style romance.  Too cute!

A little local humor.

And LOTS of water guns and water balloons.  NO ONE is safe.

And then it all came to and end.  The hustle and bustle of the weekend was over.  Everyone was worn out and ready for life as usual.

Sunday, Grady entered Tucker in the 3rd Annual Fishing Derby.  It was Tucker’s first year he could participate.  Punkie and I stayed home so she could nap and I could do 14 loads of laundry. (It got a little neglected.)

Tucker came home with a truck load of loot!!

He caught one channel catfish (which his daddy didn’t get a picture of…bummer) and won first for the biggest fish AND second for the littlest fish.  He and another little boy were the only two to catch channel catfish and they just so happened to be the same length, so they split the goods. 

Pretty good deal for this boy!

Daddy was very proud!

It was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend!

Now, we’re all yawning by six o’clock and dragging our tails from exhaustion.  We’re VERY thankful for normal again.

Peace, love and LARGE times!!!


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