Pure Entertainment

Our neck of the woods is well known for some amazing catfish.

Grady grew up fishing the river for Channel catfish and the massive Flathead catfish.  It’s a true sport and he LIVES for it.  Many weekend are spent fishing for these tasty treats.

We use fishing poles to catch ours, but down in Oklahoma it’s becoming well known that they use their hands.

It’s called Noodling or..

Hand fishing.

We call it…


If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Hillbilly Hand Fishing then I must tell you that these nutty guys use their bare hands to catch these fish rather than poles.  They stick their arms into holes where fish like to “hang out”, feel around for them, grab them by the mouth and hold on for dear life. Grady keeps telling me that as intrigued by this as he is he just doesn’t think he could bring himself to do it.

I think that’s a wise decision.

Back here in Kansas…

Many times the guys get a good catch in the middle of the night.  The best fishing is after dark when the world is quiet and the fish are ready to feed.  If they land a keeper they certainly can’t clean him in the dark so they bring them to Grady’s dad’s house and put it in the big horse tank filled with well water.  The fish can usually survive until they have time to clean it the next morning.

Grady’s dad caught a nice one this past weekend which meant in the horse tank he lived for a while. 

If the fish goes in then that means…

Someone had to get him out.

Someone had to use their bare hands to do the trick.

Grady’s step-brother, Hunter, manned up for the task.

Hunter weights all of 100 pounds soaking wet.

He went in.

And came out VICTORIOUS!!!

This flathead isn’t very big.  Fourteen pounds to be exact.  But they can FIGHT!!!  And he did.

Of course Mr. Flathead lost.

He’s going to taste VERY good!!!!

Peace, love and fish tales!

One thought on “Pure Entertainment

  1. Great action photos! Pulling one out of a pool seems far more favorable than going to their next of the woods (or stream). I’ve only seen this noodling on TV and am amazed that people wade around in that water, sometimes fully submerging themselves. The excitement of it is tangible!

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