I know I’ve completely fallen off the blogging wagon this week.  Ugh.  It’s been busy.  T-ball, birthday, meetings, filthy house, weekend plans.  I haven’t had much time to tell you about all the things going on with us in the past week. 

I DO have stuff to tell you about.  LOTS of pictures to share about my weekend LAST weekend.  I hope to get to that soon.

In the meantime I’ll share my Instagram pics from the week.  I LOVE Instagram!  It’s so much fun!

Join me @alishagibb.

Dorky kids heading to the lake.

One of our beautiful Kansas lakes.  I never wanted to leave the dock!!!

That is, until this happened to poor Tuck’s foot… 😦  He stepped on the notorious Zebra Mussels and it sliced his foot like butter. 

He was such a trooper. We got him all fixed up and he was ready to go again.  He didn’t want back in the water, but he was ready to play.  Tough boy.  Made his momma feel better about letting go and relaxing some more.

The next day we went to a birthday party and Punkie discovered the tricycle.  Hell on wheels!!

An average day on the road to work.

A NOT so average day at the office.  I got to sit on a golf course all day Monday representing the company for a big tournament.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

This was part of my chaos!  A MOUNTAIN of laundry that needed desperate attention.  I stayed up WAY too late watching the last episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, folding clothing and bawling my eyes out.  Great combination.

I get to stare at files for about an hour every Monday through Friday morning.

I love these monkeys.  Even more, I love that they love each other so much!  Good morning snuggling!!

This was the BEST birthday present I’ve EVER gotten!!!  I was so excited that this hit so close to my birthday!!!  Yeah!  Fifteen more to go and then I’ve reached my milestone!!

That’s my week in a nutshell.

How was yours?

Happy weekend!!!

Peace, love and happy Fridays!!!


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