17 Months Going on 17…

I realized that I hadn’t really given you many updates on Ella since she turned one.  I toyed with it, but wondered how interested you would really be.

After this weekend and watching all of her funny antics I decided you’d probably enjoy hearing about some of her new quirks.

A week ago I was able to get her to stand still long enough to get these shots.  I just love them.  She looks so grown up.  Daddy was standing against the wall relaxing while we waited for our friends.  She’s at the age that she wants to copy EVERYTHING that we’re doing.  Sooo.. she stood like Daddy…for about a nano-second.  Just long enough to get the shot.

She pretends to put lotion on her legs like mommy. 

She walks into the bathroom and lifts her shirt up as if she’s going to use the potty. (As exciting as this may seem she is so NOT ready for potty training.) 

She watches me put on my makeup and pretends to put her own eyeshadow on. 

If I scold her brother or her father, she’s right behind me pointing her finger and giving them the “what for” in her own little gibberish.

She wears EVERYONE’S shoes and masters them quite well.  I think we have a little shoe fanatic on our hands.  She knew EXACTLY how to wear a flip-flop with no help from anyone.  This could be dangerous.

What amazes me the most is how vastly different her personality is from her brother.  Tucker has always been the sweet, inquisitive, sharp as a tack, mild-tempered, quick-witted kiddo who takes everyone’s feelings into consideration. 

Ella is my bold, goofy, rambunctious, brave, dare-devil, tell-it-like-it-is wild child who has a heart bigger than Dallas and shares it with everyone.  She’s tough as nails and can hang with boys twice her size, sometimes (more often than not) outlasting them.  Her determination and will power are like no other.  She NEVER gives up.  As much as it wears her daddy and I out at times, I know it will serve her well in her future.  She is definitely giving us a run for our money, but I love every second of it.

Now…here’s what I’m finding the funniest about our little turkey.  I truly believe there was some Divine inspiration when we started calling her Miss Monkey.  I’m not sure where it even came from, one day…it just became her nickname.  Here’s the kicker…this child IS a monkey.  She climbs on EVERYTHING!!!  She started with the dining table chairs.  Up the chairs and onto the table.  Then it was her daddy’s arm-chair.  Up on top of the little table next to it and into the chair she goes.  Then she discovered she could climb onto our bed.  Get a toe on the bed frame and shimmy her way up the side with the help of the nightstand.  Then it was the stove.  Yes, I said the stove.  She puts her toes on the edge of the drawer underneath, climbs up holding onto the oven handle and sees how long she can hang. (This one HAS to come to a stop!!!  I can see a terrible outcome here.)  And last, but not least…  Last night she discovered that she can scale the side of her crib, go over the top and land safely on the mattress. 

BIG.  BIG.  BIG.  Sigh.

That determination I mentioned earlier… 

Gonna be the death of me.

Anyone want to borrow a monkey for a few days?  She’s pure ENTERTAINMENT.  I might need a break.



Peace, love and monkey toes.


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