The Reward

I’ve been eyeballing these wool woven belts for a couple years. 

My girlfriend has one and I absolutely LOVE it! 

I love belts.  I think they complete an outfit, but when I was overweight I hated my midsection and I certainly didn’t want to put anything around it that was going to draw attention to it.  Right?

Definitely, not.

I’m kind of starting to like my waistline now.  I actually started wearing my belts again, somewhat out of necessity because I refuse to buy new jeans until I’m closer to the end goal.  Regardless, I’m excited to accesorize more.

So, I told myself that when I reach my goal that one of these belts would be my reward.

Fourteen left to go.

I can’t wait!!!

What’s your favorite accessory?



Peace, love and waistlines!!!

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