Workin’ It Out

It’s funny how things just seem to work out when you think it won’t.

Last night I had high hopes of making a big batch of meatballs, some for our family some for my sister’s freezer after Charlie comes.  I gathered my ingredients and realized I had no eggs.  The meat had to go into the fridge for another day.  I was bummed because that was my one night to get it done.  I also wanted to make a batch of biscuits for her shower this weekend, but I didn’t have enough flour or baking powder.  That one was down the tubes.

This morning I got the kids around and ready to go when my phone rang.  Our sweet daycare provider wasn’t feeling well and needed the day off.  My heart sank that she was sick because she’s had a handful of her own trials lately and sickness didn’t need to be added to her list.  But, I decided to take advantage of the day.

Now, the kids and I are off to the store to get eggs, baking powder and flour.  It’s going to be a super productive day around here!  It all worked itself out!


Last Saturday I promised Tucker that I’d take him and Miss Monkey to our local LITTLE zoo.  The Monkey and I had never been and he loves special outings.

It was HOT, but we had a great time.

Tuck cracked me up!  He knew where EVERYTHING was and could hardly contain himself long enough to let his sister and I catch up to each exhibit.

When I told him these fish were called Koi he laughed hysterically.  He has a cousin named Coy.  He couldn’t get over a fish called Koi.

While the kids loved the animals I was in AWE of the landscaping.  The flowers were beyond beautiful!

These elephant ears were as big as Tucker!!!!

Of all the cool things there Tucker was most fascinated with the turtles.  Turtles EVERYWHERE in every exhibit.  “Hey, Mom!  Did you THAT turtle?!?!”

This big Longhorn was my favorite.  He turned his big old head and just gazed at Ella.  They had a stare down for a long time.  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that little jabber box.

The kids LOVED it.  I can’t wait to take them to a BIG zoo!!!

Peace, love and turtle hunts!!!



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