The Unveiling

Friday at noon began a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Oklahoma City to celebrate the much-anticipated arrival of my sweet nephew, Charlie,.with a baby shower.

It was FINALLY time for me to give her the quilt I had been working on for him.  I couldn’t wait.  I really could have given it to her the night before, but I held my excitement.

I’m back home now and getting ready for another big outing today. I’m excited to share the shower pictures with you, but that’s going to have to wait for a later day when I have more time to sort through pictures.

In the meantime I CAN share with you (FINALLY!) the pictures of Charlie’s quilt and Ella’s new quilt.


When I found the pattern that I wanted to use for Charlie’s quilt I knew I needed to practice because I was changing the original design, slightly.  I had a pile of pretty, feminine fabrics that would be perfect for a quick sample quilt.

The ladies at the quilt shop in town call it Shabby Chic.  The pattern is actually called Hopscotch.

I changed the application of the little squares.  The original pattern calls to applique the small squares, but since my life is not big on spare time I knew that would take too long and…. I don’t know how to applique and didn’t feel like asking my step-MIL, and quilting partner in crime, Jackie, to applique all those squares on.  So, having seen an idea from yet another quilt that I someday want to make I decided to leave the edges raw for added texture.

 When I took it to the quilter we debated on what design to use.  When I told her what Ella’s nickname is she closed to book and said, “That’s it.  We’re doing monkeys.”

Can you see it?  I LOVE it!!!


Ella’s quilt design came easily to me.  It was everything that was ME.  My taste.  My colors.  It screamed, “ME!” 

When it came to Charlie’s quilt it couldn’t be about me.  It had to be about Charlie and my sister, yet still whisper “me…” in the design.  I had never made a quilt for anyone other than my household.  I had made other sewn goods, but nothing of this calibre that would have as much meaning to it.

Margo and Kyle picked out a theme for Charlie’s room.  Navy blue and apple green.  I LOVED the colors.  (It’s so much easier when you work with a color palette that you actually like.)  The theme for Charlies room is alligators.  I thought THAT was going to be the tough part.

I was wrong.  Finding the perfect shades of blue and green to coordinate with each other proved to be a challenge.  Not only that, I wanted just the right patterns in all the fabrics.  Nothing too bold and nothing too “blah”.  This was tough.

After some serious self-doubt, major stomach churning, several different design layouts and LOTS of reassurance from Jackie we got it right. 

I even found a template for the EXACT alligators in his bedding for the special touch on the back.  Charlie the Alligator was my favorite part. 

Doesn’t it look like he’s swimming in churning waters?

I don’t get to say it often with my sewing projects, but this one turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to. 

The best part… 

My nephew will always and forever have a piece of my heart and soul with him.

I love you, Charlie!  I can’t wait to meet you!!!!



Peace, love and piecing it all together.


2 thoughts on “The Unveiling

  1. Alisha—the quilts are great!! Isn’t it fun to put yourself in a project like quilting! I love it!!! Your friend Marcia –keep it up!!

    • Thanks, Marcia! I DO love it!! If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I’d be a quilter I think I would have laughed. But i love to have that creative outlet!

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