Party Time!!!

This is my beautiful, VERY pregnant sister.


is Charlie.  My even more adorable nephew that I am SOOOO anxious to meet.  I Just want to squeeze his cheeks and smell his head.  Mmmmm…who doesn’t just eat up that baby smell?!?!

Last Saturday I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for Margo.  Her SIL, Kaylyn, MIL, Fern, her other SIL, Amber, and our mother, Michele all put our heads together and threw a great brunch party.  With a little help from Pinterest, a few blogs, some serious creative juices and some great cookbooks we were set.

It started early with a few cups of coffee and baking of the biscuits.

Margo wanted to have her brunch complete with a Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar for her guests.

I loved Kaylyn’s idea of using the mason jars as glasses and prefilling them with the mixes.  All our guests had to do was add the alcohol.

Our mom did the flowers in a simple country theme.

We served French Toast Casserole and Spicy Southwestern Muffins, homemade biscuits and jellies and fresh fruit salad.

Margo’s SIL, Amber, made the CUTEST cake pops and chocolate alligators.  They were PERFECT, not to mention, DELISH!!!

Our beautiful grandma and gorgeous cousin, Ellie.

Margo is blessed to have so many spectacular friends. 

Margo and Kyle are some SERIOUS OSU fans!!!  It kind of runs deep in our blood.

I LOVED these!!!

This was the best and only picture I got of her opening Charlie’s quilt.  She started crying, which made me cry and then everyone was crying.  Kind of makes it hard to look through the lens.  But…she LOVED it!

I LOVE this girl!  She more than just my sister, she’s my best friend.

Mom, Margo and Grandma Jackie.

Margo and her hostess’, Mom, Me, Kaylyn, Fern and Amber.

It was that I hope she always treasures.  I am so honored and blessed that I got to be a part of it.  Now the next 5 weeks need to FLY by so I can hold my nephew!!!

Peace, love and bitty blue things!!!


8 thoughts on “Party Time!!!

  1. Thank you SO much for directing me to your blog! These picutres are SO beautiful!! They will keep reminding me of what a fun and special day we all had!

  2. Great pictures and a wonderful reminder of a fantastic day. You girls put on a marvelous party for Margo and Charlie.

    GM Jackie

  3. You’re a gorgeous, Margo!! I remember when you were a little gal and we called you Magoo. Those were the good ol’ days, right? Now you are making great memories of your very own.
    Good luck with everything and I love the name Charlie.

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