It’s that time again to recap with Instagram.  If you love Instagram as much as I do or if you want something fun and new to try out you can follow me at alishagibb.

Good morning, Kansas!  I love our sunrises.

I got a little obsessed with grilled chicken and avocados last week.  I ate this EVERY DAY!!!  For reals!  (I want it again, too…)

My goofy girl and her toothy smile.  She’s such a ham!!!

Some days just HAVE to be ponytail days.  Especially when you daughter wakes up at 4:30 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  I was NOT so enthusiastic about the hour.

Avocado and homegrown tomato sandwich.  LOVE AFFAIR!!!

Ponytails are great, but sometimes I want something different.  Tried this new do.  Aside from all the bobby pins showing I really liked it.

The first sunflower in our garden.  This this things was at LEAST 6 feet tall!!!

She was fascinated by the cows at Papa’s house.

These blue eyes just get me.  Every time.  Melt. Me.

This sweltering heat has done a number on our garden.  The only thing going great guns at this point are our tomatoes and okra.  I can live with that.

Treated myself to Chinese.  Love me some hot and sour soup!

Our Fourth of July festivities were celebrated with a taco night complete with LOTS of GUACAMOLE!!!

She’s discovering books and I LOVE it.

Tuck wanted to use his allowance to buy his very own fireworks this year.  He was so proud of himself.

It was SO hot that day the only relief was indoors.  Tuck’s entertainment was his watercolor pallet.

…and at the end of the day, Fourth of July won.  This kiddo went as hard as she could for 48 hours straight.  It’s hard work being this cute.

Happy Friday!



Peace, love and Instafun!!!


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