Way To Go!!!!

Last weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!

It was nice to get away with no kiddos for a couple days.

The new crew, 2i Feeders, competed in a qualifying ranch rodeo in Western Kansas Friday and Saturday nights. 

This was only their 5th time to compete together and I am SOOOO very proud to say that…


We will be traveling to Amarillo again in November to compete for the title of World Champions.

Not only did the team take home a new title, so did Grady.

For the first time in 5 years, Grady was honored with the title of Top Hand at a WRCA qualifying rodeo. 

This is HUGE.

To be named Top Hand means this man was considered the MVP of the rodeo both nights out of SIXTY-FOUR other men.  That’s quite the feat.

Grady can now join Adrian in the ranks of honored Top Hands.

Now…I look forward to Clint and Jason being awarded this honor in rodeos to come.

They’re ALL Top Hands in my book!!  Cowboys with endless, talent, heart and strength.

Congratulations, guys!!!




Peace, love and milestones!!!


6 thoughts on “Way To Go!!!!

  1. Congrats to your team! We will all have a good time together at Amarillo and especially Hank and Ella!

  2. Aww..how awesome! So excited for Grady and the rest of the team!! These are the times you find yourself beaming with “extra” pride to be a rancher’s wife!!! Just as you were blogging about your lack of inspiration, Grady comes shining through giving it to you..and if you ask me thats pretty great “INSPIRATION”!!!!! Congrats, guys!

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