The Tie That Binds

These are me and my girls, my support group, MY team.

We are the team wives (minus one, Mandy).

Abbey, myself and Tiffany. (Tiffany’s mom is on the end.  She’s proven to be one heck of a faithful fan.)  Jason’s wife, Mandy, wasn’t able to join us in Meade, and she was GREATLY missed.

I’ve said before that the camaraderie between teammates is like a brotherhood.  These guys have a certain chemistry and bond that goes as deep as family blood.  Their relationship is such that I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, any one of these guys would give his life for the other.

After 7 years of being a part of this world I have to say that the relationship between the wives isn’t much different from those of the men.  Grady would say that we’re the support system behind them.  We organize the road trips, set up travel plans, prepare food/snacks for the destinations, give pep talks when needed, mend wounds, hold down the fort when the need arises (literally), tend to babies in the bleachers and scream from the tops of our lungs when our guys enter and leave the arena.  We’ve all helped raise each others babies, offered encouraging words when spirits are down, cried tears of joy for each other’s husbands and kept the other’s moods in check when slightly off kilter.  We are there for each other in ANY given life situation.

We. Are. Sisters. 

Some sisters are from teams of yesteryear and some sisters are new to the pack.  Regardless of when we each joined the group the friendship and love run deep and survive through all life throws at us. We each have very unique personalities and bring a whole new dynamic to the group.

But with each of our differences, we ALL have one very important thing in common.

We each stand behind our cowboys come hell or high water. 

…and who wouldn’t stand behind these?  Seriously.  (I know you can’t quit looking.  It’s okay.  I can’t either.)

Especially this one.

Peace, love and kindred spirits!


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