On the 15th my first-born turned…SIX.

I can’t even believe he’s this old.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was in the hospital for days on end waiting patiently for him to “GET OUT”…????  Wasn’t it just 10 minutes ago that his chubby little legs were waddling across the yard?  I swear it was just a second ago that he learned how to potty in the big potty!!!  Really!  I can’t handle this.  It’s too much.

Enough of my emotional instability with my son’s decision to grow up…

In years past we’ve always had a simple birthday party at our house complete with water balloons, time in the sprinkler and time hanging out on the deck in the sweltering heat of July.

This year Tucker asked for something special.  He wanted a “big boy” party.  What were we to do?  We couldn’t deny his birthday wish.

So, we obliged with a swim party at our local pool with our closest friends and family, followed by hot dogs, chips, cake and ice cream at the park.

He was a VERY. HAPPY. BOY!

Mimi (Grady’s mom) got Ella to the point of really comfortable in the pool.  Thanks, Mimi!

Tucker acted silly and funny with his friends.

For a boy who has struggled with swim lessons and feeling comfortable in the water his enthusiasm and willingness to jump right in made my heart happy.

Tuck LOVES Monster Jam Monster Truck racing!!!  Since Grady and I were out-of-town until the morning of his party Jackie volunteered to make his cake.  I think she did a “BANG UP” job!!!  (Ha! Ha!  I made a funny!)

Tuck was surrounded by the people who love him the most.

These are Tucker’s best buds, as he would say.  I can’t wait to watch these boys grow up into young men.  I have a feeling they’ll have some tales to tell along the way.

To say this kid simply had fun would be an understatement.  Tucker was THRILLED with his party.

…which meant his mommy and daddy were thrilled with his happiness.

Happy birthday to my sweet boy.  You’re growing up too fast and I’m having a hard time letting you get bigger.  I couldn’t be more proud of who you are and who you’ll become.



Peace, love and burnin’ candles!!!


2 thoughts on “Six

  1. That was always the best having ice cream and cake and a pool party when Stacie, Grady, Dad, and I would celebrate birthdays in July. Most of the time Stacie and I shared a cake! LOL

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