I’m tired today.

I WISH this cute picture of Miss Monkey snuggled in her brother’s bed was an accurate account of her nighttime behavior.  But, it’s not.

She didn’t sleep well last night.

To be exact…Ella hasn’t slept well for several nights in the past few weeks.

The poor little thing has been having nightmares.  She and Tucker share a room so a mommy HAS to go get her when she cries hard. When she’s having bad dreams all she wants to do is snuggle up next to me in my bed with her blankie.  I love snuggles.

What I don’t love…


That girl wiggles more than any child I have EVER been around.  Just when you think it’s safe to fall fast asleep she flops sideways and then she flops backwards and then she whacks me with her arm and then she flops ON me. 

You get the picture….

No sleepy for mommy.

Tonight…EVERYONE is going to bed at 8:30.  Everyone.

…and I’m sprinkling magic dust all over that child to ward off the bad dreams.  There’s just not enough coffee to help this momma…






Peace, love and sweet dreams.



One thought on “Zzzzzzzzz

  1. Oh so sorry Lish. Kent and Nikki went through this same thing BIG Time with our beautiful Mikinzi Diane, monster in her closet..you name it. They tried everything they could think of..they were exhausted. Finally made a bed on the floor beside their bed to just “try” and sleep BUT she outgrew the monster stage so there is hope honey. AND trust me you don’t want to sleep with Miki D either like a beached whale but lordy I love her. ha Hang in there..she is so darned cute !

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