It’s dry as a bone around these parts.

We’ve been dealing with sweltering 3 digit heat for over a month now with no relief in sight for a while.  I can’t tell you the last time it actually RAINED.

My grass is so crunchy it feels like needles when you walk on it.

My poor flowers are just burned to a crisp.  No amount of water would help when the sun scorches everything.  I had to just give up.

Even my succulents had to be moved to the shade.

We were fighting a losing battle.

The only thing we’ve been persistent in watering is our garden.  The tomatoes, jalapenoes and okra are doing well despite the 108° days we’ve been consistently seeing.

This is the second summer we’ve dealt with this.  It’s extreme.

We’re doing everything we can to find a little relief.

The new trampoline tarp and sprinkler have proven to be effective tools in this fight.

Miss Monkey doesn’t really agree.



Peace, love and heat waves.


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