A Love Story, Charlie Bennett Smith

This guy was my traveling companion yesterday.

We had a very important trip to make.

Three and a half hours south we needed to go.

During our trip I looked at my sweet son and told him that he was my absolute favorite little boy in the whole world.  I love seeing Tucker’s eyes light up when he hears me tell him this.

He looked at me with a coy little grin and said, “Who’s your second favorite boy?”

I looked at him puzzled and he said, “Daddy?”

I said, “No…”.  He looked at me quizzically and then I pondered on how I’d answer.

“Daddy’s my favorite GUY,” I replied.

“No, Mommy, is it me or Daddy that’s your favorite?!”

I knew I had to try to explain to him how differently we can love people and still love each of those people with all of our heart.

I told him, “God gave Mommy and Daddy to each other to love first and because we love each other SO much God gave us you.  So Mommy loves you in a different kind of way than she loves Daddy. Not first or second, but together and different.”

He still kind of looked at me funny.  I could see the wheels turning.

Then I said, “It’s kind of like our trip today.  God made Uncle Kyle and Aunt Margo fall in love.  And because they showed him that they love each SOOOO much they gave them the gift of Charlie.  If Aunt Margo didn’t love Uncle Kyle first then we wouldn’t have Charlie to love now.”

“Ohhhh.  God’s the BEST, Mommy.”

“Yes, he is Tucker.  Yes.  He.  Is.”

All because two amazing people fell in love we got to meet the newest member of our family yesterday. 

My very first nephew. 

Kyle and Margo welcomed their firstborn, Charlie Bennett Smith on August 5, 2012 at 4:48 pm.  He weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  He has more hair than you could imagine.  Maybe even more than Ella did.  His mommy was surprised he didn’t come out with a goatee and mustache.

I think he’s pretty darned perfect.

I love the silly faces newborns make.  Squirm, toot, hunger, they’re all so funny.

Tucker is very much in love with his new cousin.  He was so sad when we left.

“Mommy, I miss Charlie already,” he told me on the way home.  My heart just melted.

There’s no doubt that I think Margo has found a new boy in town to give her whole heart to in a new and magical way.

Sunday a whole new love story began and I can’t wait to watch the chapters unfold.




Peace, love and fairy tales.


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