Progress Report

It dawned on me this morning that I haven’t really talked about my weight loss journey or offered any new recipes in quite some time.  It’s been a CRAZY busy summer!!!  I haven’t had much time to blog…period.

It’s been a steady “downhill” climb.  I’m happy to report that I’m down 29 pounds as of this morning!!!!

I knew I wanted to lose that much (plus more), but actually achieving that is mind-blowing to me.  When I started this whole journey the thought of losing that much weight seemed like it’d be a million years away.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I wasn’t sure how quickly it’d come off.  I SERIOUSLY thought it’d take me a year to get here.

Five months later…

a skirt that’s been hanging in my closet for SEVEN YEARS fits again!!!!

I bought this skirt right before I got pregnant with Tucker.  I had been on a weight loss plan at that time and this was the smallest I had gotten before I started having babies.

This skirt represents a milestone for me.  A milestone AND a mile marker.  I plan for this skirt to be too big.  This ISN’T my stopping point.

I think THAT excites me more than anything.  I’ve come so far and I KNOW that I can go further.  I KNOW that my body is moving in such a positive direction.  My health, mood, life, everything has improved because I’ve taken the time for ME.  I’ve vowed to be a better ME.  A better ME means I’m a better wife, mommy, friend, and co-worker.

My “goal” is 6 more pounds.

My REAL goal doesn’t have a specific number attached to it. My REAL goal will be achieved when my body is where it’s supposed to be. The REAL goal will be achieved when the parts that everyone else can’t see aren’t jiggly and squishy anymore.

Don’t worry. I AM a realist. I’m NOT trying to look like a super model. I don’t want to be rail thin. I couldn’t even come close to being 100 pounds. That’s NOT where my body is supposed to be.

I WANT to look healthy.

So, some of my friends have asked what I’m doing. What weight loss plan have I adopted?

The truth is, I haven’t adopted ANY weight loss plan.

Five months ago I knew I wasn’t happy with ME. I didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror and I knew that the only person that I could be mad at about it was me and the ONLY person responsible for changing it was ME. I told Grady how I felt and what I wanted to do one night at dinner.

He looked at me and in the kindest, gentlest way he could have, he said, “I
support you 100%. I’d like to see you lose the weight.” He KNEW I wasn’t happy in that body and without being hurtful his words gave me the nudge and support I needed.

I have been religiously using Everyday I log what I eat. I account for EVERY calorie that goes in my mouth.  I stick within my daily limits.

What am I eating?

GOOD food! I eats lots of grilled chicken, lean pork, shrimp, and veggies any way I can get them…fresh, sauted, grilled…anything but fried.  I stay away from red meat.

(Red meat disclaimer.  I am NOT a hater of red meat.  I LOVE a juicy burger.  I LOVE a medium rare steak.  I LOVE pot roast.  But… in order to lose the weight I had to cut these things out.)

And yes, I’m doing what I always vowed I would never do.

I am making myself meals separate from my family.

I know…it sounds time-consuming and frustrating, but with good planning it’s pretty simple.

Take last night for example… my family LOVES spaghetti with my homemade meat sauce. Let’s be real. I can’t eat meat sauce. WAY too many calories. BUT, I can have veggie sauce loaded with carrots, zucchini, fire roasted tomatoes and onions.

So, I just made two sauces at the same time. No biggie. My family loved theirs and I loved mine AND I felt good about it.

If they want pigs in the blanket, I make a big salad. If they want to grill burgers, I grill chicken breast instead.

The bottom line is that it’s only as difficult as we make it out to be in our minds.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. That’s my story. It’s been a fun journey. It’s STILL a fun journey. Not every day has been an easy one, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am NOT on a diet.

I have changed my lifestyle.

Which…has changed my life.



Peace, love and mindsets.


3 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Wow, go you! I am on the same journey, having lost about the same amount so far so I know what a really BIG deal this is. Thanks for the info on Fitness Pal I will definitely look into that

    Keep at, you are going fantastic.

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