Stress Relief

It seems like life has been one crazy thing after another this summer.  Much busier than usual.

I “think” I’m a person who handles stress well.  I “think” I prioritize and manage my responsibilities without losing it.  Even though I have a grip on it all there are times that it all just gets to me and I need to have some serious de-stressing.

Everyone has their own “thing” that they turn to get through those little patches in life.

Last night I walked into my house after my meeting and quick trip to the in-laws to grab kiddos and catch up.  I saw this WRETCHED disaster before me.  My kitchen looked like a high school football team just raided the fridge and left all the dishes and mess.  My mud room looked like a herd of elephants ransacked the place and the laundry piled on the couch needed desperate attention.  This week has NOT been friendly to our usual calm schedule.

We got the kids fed and I started tackling the NASTY kitchen that had been so sadly neglected. As I cleared the countertops and sanitized with my beloved bleach spray I felt this overwhelming calm wash over me. I could breath again. It amazes me sometimes how the clutter and chaos that are a result of all the chaos can CAUSE chaos within me.

While I was in my groove I started to think of all the things that bring calm to my spirit…

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

A quiet cup of coffee all by myself before the family gets out of bed.

Editing photos that I took for no particular reason.

Mowing the lawn. (I know call me crazy, but it’s an hour or so that the world is drowned out by a loud “white noise”. It’s soothing.)

Reading my book for 15 minutes before I fall asleep.

Quiet chats with Grady about nothing urgent or important. Just. Talk.

Grocery shopping.

Cooking a meal at a leisurely pace that REALLY means something to my family.

Long walks in my neck of the woods.

Reading cookbooks.


Rocking Ella to sleep.

Nap time with Tucker.

Listening to Eric Clapton sing the blues with BB King.

…and above all…


What calms you when life throws curve balls? What’s your happy place?

Peace, love and serenity!!


2 thoughts on “Stress Relief

  1. The beach is my happy place. I love walking along the sand and looking out into the ocean. It reminds me how great God is.

  2. I find peace in jogging down the road and thanking God for all of the blessings in my life! I love being thankful during my personal time alone with God and nature….ahhh such peace!

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