Sweet Sundays and First Grade

Several weeks ago we had the most beautiful Sunday morning.  The air was cool, a little crisp, the sun was shining and a nice breeze blew through the yard.

It was the PERFECT morning to spend outside with Tuck and Miss Monkey.  After a summer of sweltering 110° days for months on end the whisper of fall was a breath of fresh air.

I told Tuck to get dressed and bundled Miss Monkey in a light jacket.  I grabbed my coffee and the camera and we headed out the door.  My drive for photography had gone stale with the dried and crusty summer days.  I wasn’t finding much inspiration.  This particular Sunday brought me out of my funk.  I had a great time catching the kids in action.

Her new obsession is filling up the umbrella stroller.

…and pushing it all over the place.

This is how cowboys play football in the back yard, cowboy hats, chaps and a Chiefs jersey.  What?  It works.

Little Monkeys like to throw the ball around too.

…after digging in the sandbox, of course.

He finally decided kicking the football worked a little better with shoes on and without the interference of the chaps.

There’s nothing better than dirt, a couple of cups and some old spoons.

Imaginations run wild and before you know it you have a full drum set before your eyes.

It started to warm up so we stripped off jackets and enjoyed a leisurely sway on the front porch swing.


OOOOOOOHHHHH….I just want to SMOOSH those cheeks and kiss those little lips!!!

And this guy.  I want to rub his buzzed little head, squeeze him tight and listen to his endless questions about the world.

It was the PERFECT Sunday morning.  Although it wasn’t spent in church, God was ALL AROUND US and IN US in everything we did that day.  It was magical and beautiful.


Last Friday was the first day of school.

Tuck started out his morning with a treat of warm cinnamon rolls and juice.  He woke up bright and early, ready for his shower, new clothes and school shoes.  I’d say the first day jitters left him a little sleepless.

To watch him walk up to the school I’d have never guessed nerves were ever a factor in his morning.

He marched in like an old pro.  I was really proud of him.

I snuck a few pictures of him in his classroom when he didn’t know I was looking.  Front row pupil.  You can’t get in trouble in the front row.

Here’s to an awesome filled year of firsts in the first grade!



Peace, love and new seasons!!!!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Sundays and First Grade

  1. I sent my youngest to 1st grade yesterday too! He acted like he does this stuff everday. Totally unfazed by the “first day.” It seemed I was more nervous than he was. Love that about him.

    Beautiful photos of your children and a very nice post!

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