The Fashionista

Having a 19-month-old little girl is a TRIP!  I am LOVING every minute of it.

It’s funny how easily we forget all the quirks and silly things our older ones did at that same age. Tucker was silly and funny and inquisitive and sweet beyond any measure.  All he wanted to do was learn, learn, learn and please everyone around him.  That was his nature then and is his nature still.

Ella is such a different child.  She’s extremely busy ALL the time.  She’s bold and sassy and full of spirit.  She tinkers with everything and takes things apart. She imitates her big brothers, getting in the middle of everything they do.  She loves everyone around her, but isn’t afraid to line someone out if she thinks they’re deserving.  She wants to know what going on at all times.

Above everything else, at this point in time, I find her sense of style the MOST entertaining.  She’s figured out the art of dress-up and accessorizing.

Last week was a RIOT!!!

It all started with this ensemble.  Yes, I dressed her in the basics, the striped pants and tank top.  Everything else…that’s all Ella.  She’s obsessed with backpacks since big brother takes one everyday for school.  …and the goggles, well, it’s just one of her things.

And then came this…  Her need to play dress-up started here.  That’s one of my tank tops she pulled out of the laundry basket, pulled up around her waist and wore for at least 2 hours.  She twirled and pranced all through the house.

Her boots are on loan to us from her good friend, Lola, until we make it to the boot store to get her very own pair.  Saturday, when I asked her to go get a pair of shoes so we could play outside, this was her choice.  It happened to be her choice for the entire weekend.

This is my favorite.  This is Miss Monkey to a T!!!  Attitude, sass, spunk and a style all her own.  She has her very own hat from Daddy’s work.  Anytime she wears it, it’s on backward.  She topped it off with the sunglasses and I couldn’t help, but try to get a million pictures. 

I LOVE that her personality is starting to explode all over the place. 

This is my girl and I wouldn’t have her any other way!

Peace, love and STATEMENTS!!!!


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