In Other News

We had a BIG morning at our house!!

Tucker lost his very FIRST baby tooth!!

Talk about one excited little boy.

There was a not so happy daddy because he didn’t get to pull it.  Sorry, honey, next time.


Have you heard of Joy the Baker?

If you haven’t you are MISSING OUT!!!

Two months ago my girlfriend made Joy’s Chocolate Bundt cake for Grady’s birthday.  Mind you, I was in the heat of my health plan, but I made an exception and tried a slice of this cake.

FIREWORKS, FOLKS!!!!  FIREWORKS were going off in my mouth.  This was, BY AND FAR, the most amazing cake I had EVER put in my mouth.

I thought about that cake for a week straight.  I was having dreams about it.  I begged Abbey to blog about it.  TWO WHOLE MONTHS have gone by and I’m STILL having withdrawals.  Finally, she just let me borrow the cookbook.  I have yet to make it because I know I would never be able to eat just one piece.  It would be the death of my health plan.

You NEED to go check out Joy’s site, then buy her cookbook and gain 10 pounds just looking at all of her yumminess.


While we’re still on the topic of food I have a pet peeve.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting all worked up and excited about a new recipe only to make it and realize it’s AWFUL.

I did this Monday night.  Over the long weekend I pulled out my cookbooks and thumbed through looking for something different.  When I found what I thought looked like something different, easy and family friendly I gathered everything and made it.  I was excited to share something new with you.  I had the camera out and took pictures of the finished plate.

I sat down to eat it and was heartbroken.

It was the lamest thing I’d eaten in a very long time.  Boring.  Bland.  Cardboard like.


I was so let down that I even gave Tucker the option to eat a peanut butter sandwich instead, which I NEVER do.  I’m the old school tough mom that makes my kids eat what’s in front of them.  I’m not a short order cook.

Yep, big pet peeve.

So…that’s the sum of the excitement around our place.  Fall soccer starts tomorrow morning.  I’m sure I’ll have some fun to share from that.  In the meantime, have a SPECTACULAR weekend!!!!


Peace, love and tooth fairies!!!



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