Just stuff

Last weekend was our LAST truly free weekend until the end of October.  The next five weekends are filled with ranch rodeos. I had big ambitions of getting lots of stuff done in my free weekend at home.  Do you think I got any of it done?


I took it all in and relaxed! 

I got my house cleaned up. 

I sat on the couch and drank coffee. 

I watched K-State have the most AMAZING victory over OU!!!!  To quote my gal pal, Abbey, “It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!”

I played with my Monkey.


I missed my boy.  (He had a “vacation” at Nana and Papa’s house.)

Yes, he looks like a rodeo clown.

Back to me…

I folded a few clothes…but not too many.

I watched a ridiculous amount of Law and Order SVU.  I’m hooked.

I made a really yummy meal that I had hoped to share with you here, but haven’t had the gumption to blog about yet.  I promise I will.

 I geared myself up for our upcoming camping trip this weekend.

Yes, we’re camping.  The whole rodeo team is camping.  We’re all really excited.  Miss Monkey gets to sit this one out because I just don’t think an almost two-year-old is ready to camp.  Or maybe this momma isn’t ready to camp with an almost two-year-old.  I think it’d be stressful for both of us.  She’ll have a fun “vacation” with Papa and Grandma Jackie.

So…this is what my home will look like for the weekend.

And this will be my “stove”.

S’mores here I come!!!!

I hope I have lots of funny stories and pictures to share with you.



Peace, love and random things.


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