What the Heck!!!

It has been the weirdest week for “critters” in my life!!!

Mother Nature is getting this “Halloween” thing down a to T for me.

Monday night after a very chilly and windy soccer game I pulled into my driveway and saw this.

(Please ignore the sad pickup with the hood up in the background.  Someday I should write a whole post about Brownie.)

I wasn’t 100% sure what I was seeing until I got up close and personal (from within my car) and realized it was not one, but TWO big black snakes trying to warm themselves on the rocks.

Under normal circumstances these guys wouldn’t have bothered me.  They’re great for mice control and are relatively harmless, but seeing as how I have two small kiddos who LOVE to play in the yard I just didn’t feel the need to let our “guests” stick around. 

To top it off…the big one (that one right up there)…was at least four feet long.  His girlfriend was about three feet long.  Definitely long enough to give me the heebie-jeebies!!!

I did the country mom thing and sent them to their final resting ground.  I’ll spare the details, but can assure you that if anyone were to have witnessed it they probably would have been laughing at MY nervous laughter, my heebie-jeebie dance and attempts at ridding my driveway of two HUGE snakes, all the while trying to reassure my son that they were very, very dead.  Needless to say, the task was accomplished complete with a lot of comic relief.

Fast forward a couple of days…

Our office is getting a much-needed face lift to the front of our building.  We’ve had a sign at the top for a gazillion years.  When the renovation crew took the sign down they discovered about 30 of these little guys living behind it.

Yep, bats!

Now, these were SOOOO cool to me!!!!  I tried to get a lot of pictures so  could show Tucker.  He would have loved it.

And in true Halloween bat nature…they HISS when they’re mad!  The workers had to try to “wake them up” so they’d fly away and find a new home.  When one worker tried to rustle up the little guy above by petting him he’d turn his head and hiss at him.

It was kind of funny.  Kind of creepy at the same time, but funny.

We’re barely into October and Halloween spooks are in full swing in Kansas.  It makes me nervous for what’s next.

Peace, love and goblins!


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